fly fishing for beginners

Fly Fishing Beginners Guide and Tips

While there are tons of choices of live bait anglers who are all considered to be efficient sportsmen, it cannot be denied that fly fishermen are also skilled in this aspect.

Not only that fly fishing is rapidly growing as one of the most preferred sports today, this one is also helping in the conservation of the natural resources as well as the different aquatic recreations.

To begin with, fly fishing is a painless thing to do if you will have the following: the perfect fishing rod, the ideal line that will match it, and the knowledge of its proper casting.

If you are one of the people who are interested in fly fishing, the essential things about this subject will be taught to you in this post.

1. The Rod’s Material

If you are just starting out in this field, you will be advised to use the hollow glass since this will only require you less bamboo as compared to others.

2. Line

If you want to be successful in fly fishing, keep in mind that the line and rod you use are well matched. One of the common reasons why there are people who fail in fly fishing is because of their mismatched rod and lines.

So, if you do not want to suffer the same fate as these people, then it will be really significant for you to pay attention on the compatibility of your fishing rod and the fishing line.

When it comes to the sizes of the fishing line, the following are your choices: HCH double-taper, C level, and the GBF three-diameter. You must be fully aware of these three sizes and determine the right size that will suit your needs in your fly fishing activity.

3. The Correct Casting Technique

One of the foremost things you must remember is that you must have at least 20 ft. line in the front when it comes to casting. Most experts’ anglers follow a straight line whenever they are casting. You will also see those avoiding jerky movements every time they are into a casting activity.

If you want to be an efficient angler, you must learn to relax since taunt muscles have the tendency to ruin the casting.

Once you learn and follow the different tips stated in this post, you will be taught on how you can enjoy fly fishing at its best.

Another way to become an efficient fly fisher is to spend some time with the people who have vast experiences on this activity.

Acquiring indispensable tips and lessons in fly fishing will be exceedingly crucial in making you as one of the best fly fishers in your time.

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saltwater fishing

Saltwater Fishing Guide

Fishing is one of the outdoor activities that will never run out of challenges whether you are in an open sea or river. However, regardless of the situation you are into, one thing that will play a hugely pivotal role is your patience for the fishes to show up.

There are also some requirements before you can be allowed to fish, such as the license that is required by law for everyone who want to fish.

One of the important things that you must have is the fishing boat. Depending on your budget, this could be just the small and basic boat or the large ones that are called yacht.  The size of your boat will also depend on the number of the people who will accompany you on your fishing activity.

You must also pay attention on the safety ability of your boat, especially when you intend to go fishing in-shore. You must be sure that the boat you will use is sturdy and will not be swayed easily by strong winds and waves of water so it can avoid bumping into massive rocks in the sea.

You must also be knowledgeable of the proper way of baiting or luring fish to come out of their shelters. You must be extra careful since you do not want to scare the fishes away. In order to succeed in your fishing activity, you must learn the art of side baiting so the fishes will not be able to detect your presence.

In case you will decide going down the water, you will need to use the cod-line so you can enjoy saltwater fishing more. In case you are not familiar with this thing, you can ask some of your friends who have been fishing half of their lives.

The best time to go saltwater fishing is during the ebb tide. If you want to have a productive fishing activity, then you should do it early in the morning. Knowing the right knowledge of the perfect time to fish will assure you of having a fun time and superb fishing experience.

You should start your fishing activity in the areas that you are familiar with.

You should also learn how to maximize your patience and prevent going from one place to another, since this will result only in failure. All you need to do is to be patient in waiting for the fish to bite the bait you prepared for them. As long as you can do this, the day will not end without catching any fish.

You must also be aware on the presence of sharks in the spot that you have chosen to fish. Simply put, you must determine first if there is a shark and find ways on how you drive these fishes away from your boat

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live baits

Succeed Using Live Baits

Before you believe the different myths that involved the use of fish baits, you must be reminded that not everything you will encounter is true. In fact, many anglers prefer to use the live bait. However, one thing that cannot be denied when using live bait is that this one is usually messy and has unpleasant odors. Moreover, once you overcome these setbacks of live bait, you are all set in succeeding to your fishing with the use of live bait.

When it comes to using the live bait, there are several things that you must know. You must pay attention to the details of using live bait if you want your fishing activity to go smoothly. One of these is to avoid holding live bait with a dry hand. As you can see, live bait has a remarkably slimy layer, which is use as its protection against predator, and which could be removed if you hold it with your dry hands.

Just in case you are falling short of the live bait to use, what you can do is to save the bait that dies nearby a bucket. There are many things that will help you produce live baits so there is no need for you to panic. There are also other methods you can use to improve your chances of catching fish even if it is your first time in fishing.  You just need to be extra careful in following the instructions that will be asked for you to do. One of the things that you must pay attention to is the weight of your bait used. It is very important that the bait you are using is not heavy so it will be allowed to float above the water.

One of the things that could change the live bait perspective is seasonal fishing. If you live in the South, you will notice that summer months have the tendency to be very brutal. Because of this situation, you will be required to think hard before you go fishing. One of the most difficult tasks to do during a summer is how to keep your bait alive. In order to counter this situation, you will need to sprinkle water in your bait so the flow of oxygen will still continue. Moreover, this could be very tiring since you are not allowed to stop or else your bait will die.

The amount of the temperature on the surface of water is also important since this is where the live bait usually placed. So, if you want to be sure that your bait will be alive until it reached the hook, keeping an ice in your hand will be very beneficial for you. You must also be cognizant of the bait shortage every summer season. Therefore, it will be smarter for you to make an arrangement for the bait shop to reserve some stocks for you before summer comes. However, it must also be noted that fishes are no longer excited to see shrimp as your bait, since for them, it is an everyday sight. To put it in other words, if you want to be successful, then what you need to use is the bait that fishes are not familiar of.

One tip that will help you when using live bait is to avid hooking your bait right straight in their eyes. This is to make your baits see fishes approaching them, so they can react and attract more fishes to come near them. You must also not forget to add water softener in the water that holds your live baits. In this way, it will be certain that the slimy coats of your baits will be secured, which is very essential in attracting fishes.

One last thing you need to consider is the right casting of net before you catch your live bait. In order to be sure that the net will be opened, avoid throwing it out of desperation and instead, you should learn the right way of throwing the casting net in the water.

Always remember that live baits are effective as long as you know how to use them. Keep in mind that fishes are more attracted to live foods rather than the fake ones. The only setback that live baits have is the long preparation involved.

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Deep sea Angler fish

Deep Sea Angler Fish

Deep sea angler fishes are widely known for its ingenuous and cunning predatory technique. It is infamous for its spine protrusion on its head that has a lighted tip that flashes on and off that effectively serve as bait for its prey.

The light attracts suitable prey to swim closer, which will then be snapped ferociously by the angler’s sharp teeth and overly wide mouth.

There are actually over 200 species of deep sea angler that can be found all over the world, and experts are still looking forward to identifying more types that possibly inhabit the great ocean bottom that modern research seldom venture.

Deep sea angler fishes are not contained in any of the special family or genera of fishes. Instead it is spread out into several different families but belong under the same order – Lophiiformes.

With its infamous natural lure, anglers are notorious for its ability to kill and consume its prey without much effort, even those that are twice larger than them.

Its jaws can be distended in order to efficiently accommodate larger prey and its body also has thin, flexible bones, which allow its stomach to store larger food.

Between its crafty enticement for its prey and highly adaptable body, even the fastest sea dweller can easily turn out to be yet another succulent dinner for the deep sea angler fish.

True to its name, deep sea angler fishes inhabit the aphotic regions of the sea, so far down that the sun’s rays cannot possibly penetrate. It is interesting to know that the esca or the spine bait on its head is actually a product of a symbiotic relationship with a particular type of bacteria to produce light.

The bacteria colonize the esca and make it glow in the dark waters making it a wonderful example of bioluminescence. And since the deep-sea angler has a dark body color, a lot of other predatory fishes would naturally assume that the lighted esca is a suitable prey.

This element of surprise makes angler fishes very cunning, and the man made baits are actually designed to follow the very same concept.

If you have seen pictures of the deep sea angler, you would know right away that it is definitely not one of you docile fishes.  In fact, aside from its unique body structure, it also adapts an equally distinct method of reproduction.

The male angler attaches itself to its female counterpart and lives off as a parasite, deriving nourishment from its host and at the same fertilize the egg cells for ovulation.

So just when you think fishes are uninterestingly predictable, better think again!

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Bass Fishing Techniques

One of the common types of fishing method is the bass fishing. Most of the bass fishes can be found in salt and bayou waters. You can also find them in streams, ponds, reservoirs, and lakes. If you want to be successful in bass fishing, what you need to do is to be aware of the places where these fishes can be found.

However, there are several factors that could affect the bass habitat such as weather, water level, condition of the water, and the food availability. There are also the three essential elements that must be present in order for a bass fish to survive: cover, oxygen and foods.

One of the preferred meals of this fish is the crawfish. In order for the bass fish to capture a crawfish, the latter must be plenty. Moreover, besides the crawfish, there are other foods that can satisfy bass fishes such as the snakes, salamanders, lizards, grubs, ducklings, frogs, rats, mice, and leeches. Because of the foods that this fish eats, a lot of people have begun to be interested in this type of fish.

One indispensable element that is essential for a bass fish is oxygen. To determine where oxygen can be found, you should look for the cold water as it is expected that there is more oxygen on it. Having this knowledge, you will be guided properly on the right time to hunt for bass fishes. You will also know where to look for them since you now know that a bass fish thrives in oxygen. Some of the abundant oxygen sources are the following: wind-blown banks, power plants, stumps, and trees.

Another key element that is essential for the bass fish survival is the cover where they can hide. The cover is one reason why bass fish can survive their natural habitat. They also use cover to wait for their prey to come near to them, which is a sign of their lazy nature. Another importance of the cover is that it prevents blindness since bass fishes do not have eyelids. The following are examples of the cover where you can usually find this fish: fencerows, pilings, and docks. You can also find these fishes under the decaying woods floating above the water. Other best place to find bass fishes are the weeds. You can also find these fishes under the rocks. However, rocks are considered not as reliable as decayed woods and weeds. One reason why rock is not a consistent cover of the bass fish is due to the fact that it is not producing oxygen.

Each of us has different opinions and insights when it comes to fishing. There are the different factors that make one opinion different from the others. Moreover, when it comes to the baits that could lure bass fish, most usually share the same ideas. Some of the recommended baits are the following: Rebel Wee-Rs and the Tequila with the added scents. Experts bass fish hunters will recommend the use of the Hellgrammites, especially if you want to lure the large size bass fishes. However, regardless of the baits that you will use, one thing that you must remember is to be sure that you know how to use these things, so you can get the best results.

One more thing that you must know about this fish is its nature to be slow moving. Because of this trait, you will need to be extremely patient in baiting them, since this might take an eternity. What you must do is to look for the best spot to hunt for this fish. However, even if you can spot the perfect place, you are still required to be patient. Pay attention on the weather whenever you will hunt bass fish. It will be much wiser to go bass fish hunting at a cloudy day. By paying attention to these details, you will have more luck to catch these fishes. As long as you will be knowledgeable of this aspect, things will not be that difficult for you.

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fishing scotland

Angler Basics

One of the many forms of outdoor  activities that is very fun is angling. Aside from the fact that this can be a truly fulfilling experience, angling is actually one ways for you to spend quality time with your kids and your friends over a warm sunny weekend. When you have plan of doing his educational and fulfilling activity, you, as an angler, needs to learn some basic things about angling.

An angler must know that basically, angling is one of the many methods of fishing that specifically practice catching fishes with the use of “angles” or hooks. These hooks are usually attached from a line to a specific fished rod. Sometimes, bite indicators like float, are used.

The fishing rods are fist outfitted with fishing reels that serve as mechanisms for retrieving, storing, and finally paying out the rod’s line. Hooks of these anglers are sometimes dressed with baits and other forms of lures. Generally, angling is an method for sports and leisure fishing but in recent years, commercial fisheries make use of this fishing method.

Another thing that an angler needs to know are the types of baits that are needed for any angling activity. There are typically two types of categories, as far as the angling baits are concerned—the artificial baits and the natural baits.

A natural bait angler mostly makes use of common prey types of fishes to serve as an attractant. Some of the natural baits are leeches, worms, frogs, salamanders, minnows, and other  species of insects. Either used dead or alive, natural baits are proven very effective because of its almost lifelike textures and odor, and the bait’s color, thus relatively making simple presentations.

On the other hand, an angler can also make use of the artificial baits. As the name implies, artificial baits are man-made lures that may either represent as a prey or not.

An angler must also be responsible enough for any angling activity. Every responsible angler must be aware that certain rules and regulations are imposed. Though these rules greatly vary, most commonly regionally, among countries, an angler has to be responsible in complying licenses and permits, quotas, and some other legal and pertinent documents to support his angling activities.

Likewise, safety is another concern that an angler has to be concerned off. An angler must have the proper safety gears for any angling situations.

Angling is definitely one of the most relaxing yet fulfilling outdoor activities. As an angler, nothing beats learning a lot about the methods and techniques of this fun activity before finally grabbing those equipments and starting fishing in your preferred angling locations.

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fishing catch dealing with

Dealing With Your Catch

In order to prevent any spoilage, one must learn the right way of handling fresh caught saltwater fishes. You must also learn the proper way of preserving the fish you have caught sans its foul odor. As you can see, there are numerous ways on how you can preserve the quality of the fish before you can think of the preparation you will do for them. Some tips are provided below:

1)      To prevent the fish from getting bruises, make sure that they will not make any contact to any type of rough surface. You must also act fast by washing the fishes right after they are captured so they will be cleaned from any possible bacteria or any harmful microorganism. When it comes to washing, never use water that is unsafe or contaminated. To be sure, make it your habit to wash fishes with filtered water.

2)     One way to prevent fish deterioration is to chill it for not more than one hour. You can do this thing with a little help from a brilliant plan and with the use of reliable equipment  You need to keep fishes in well covered containers and must be chilled properly. In order to do this, you must pound the fish with lots of ice. You must also use chlorinated water for your final rinsing.

3)     You should not waste your time to clean the fish immediately. While you can be sure that their tissues are sterile, their scales are a different story as these contain lots of harmful bacteria. You must practice safe cleaning so you can avoid the spread of the bacteria in case there is an open wound. You must not cut the fish unusually long since it is certainly not necessary. What you must do is to cut the belly, since this method will not leave any blood in the body. In order not to reduce the fish texture and flavor, you should avoid soaking it to a prolonged freshwater.

4)     If you will be able to clean the fish properly, its quality can last up to 5 days. Keep in mind that you need to wash your hand thoroughly before you deal with fishes. Regardless of the fish you have caught, cleaning it in the right way is hugely valuable. It is in this task that the quality and safety of the fish depends; remember that you will cook it for your loved ones. As long as you can follow the right cleaning method, the safety of your family will be also secured. Keep this thing in mind and enjoy the fish you have caught.

Make sure to allow extra time in case you will cook you fish in a way that your family likes. This must be followed in order to assure its safety and quality. You must keep the fish in the fridge to keep them fresh and prevent its spoilage. As long as you can do these things, you are guaranteed to enjoy your fish safely and deliciously!

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fishing safely

Fishing Safely

If there are outdoor activities that are fun to do with your friends and family, then fishing certainly is worth including in the list. Fishing is not only a fantastic way to bond with the people close to you, but this can also bring you a lot closer to nature.

There are many reasons why fishing is considered one of the most enjoyable outdoor activities you can do in your pastime. The different fishes that you can catch as well as the beauty of nature are some of the things that make a fishing activity particularly pleasing to undertake, especially if you are the type of person who wants to be close to Mother Nature.

However, besides the fun and excitement that fishing can give you, it must also be noted that this activity also possesses some difficulties that could make you feel uneasy or uncomfortable. This is true since fishing will require you to be patient because will take several hours before you can be able to catch live fishes in your fishing rods. Moreover, everything is worth it especially after you are able to capture a fish successfully with your own rod and bait.

Here are some of the things you need to consider so you can enjoy your fishing activity:

The first thing you must do is to secure the State’s fishing requirements and a license, which will allow you to fish at a specific area that is governed by that state. When it comes to the fishing equipments, choosing will not be difficult since there are many stores that can provide you the things you will need.

In case you are just starting in this activity, it is extremely vital that you check the equipments you will buy thoroughly. This must be followed not only to get the worth of your money back, but also to ensure your safety while using these equipments.

In the event that you are not familiar with the area where you will do your fishing, you can ask some local residents there to serve as your guide. You can also check the State’s fishing requirements and inquire about the best and safest spot where you can spend your whole day fishing.

As you can see, fishing is just like other activities that will require you to have a skill in order to excel in doing it. Fortunately, just performing this outdoor activity on a regular basis, you will be able to hone your fishing skills in due time. Once you feel that your skills are well developed, this is the perfect time to upgrade your equipments to move up to the next stage of your fishing.

One expert advice that you must follow is to avoid fishing alone, especially in places that you are not familiar with. Having a friend or relative with you is certainly helpful as it will ensure your safety in case of any unpleasant incident.

Fishing is indeed an enjoyable activity because it will allow you to spend quality time with your loved ones and with nature. However, you should not forget to secure your safety every time you will go out and perform this outdoor activity.

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fishing gear

Fishing Gear

If you want to become successful in fishing, the first thing you need to have is the right equipment’s  Although one has the option to buy the most expensive fishing equipment that is available in the market, it will not give him any guarantee that this will suit his fishing needs.

To be sure that you get the worth of your money with the fishing equipment’s you will purchase, make sure that you are well aware of what you are looking for. You must also be reminded that one reason why most anglers fail is because of the imbalanced on their equipment.

Fishing Rod

One purpose of having a fishing rod is to make you enjoy what you are doing. If it will be your first time of fishing, then it is particularly significant that you use a quality rod. If you will be asked to choose between the expensive and the cheap quality fishing rod, you should go for the expensive and the better quality, since picking the substandard one will lead to fishing disaster.

Fishing Lines

Another thing that will assure you of enjoying your fishing activity is to select the best fishing gears that you will use.

You must be very particular with this aspect, since fishing lines vary from their sizes and you need to pick the right one that will suit your needs.

The Leader

Another item that must be included in your fishing activity is the leader, which you must carefully pick since it plays a very critical role in your fishing.

The key objective of the leader is to serve as the invincible link between the lure and line.

Fishing Flies or Lures

The flies, that play an important role too, are available in various sizes that will fit exactly what you need. You must only be reminded that the heavy the flies you will use, the more wind that you will need to succeed in your fishing activity. You will also need heavy fishing equipment so you can get more power that will enable you to move some parts of the caster in a back and forth motion.


Whether your reel is the automatic type or the single action, you must be sure that it will be large enough to accommodate a fishing line with a measurement of 30 yards.

The weight of the reel should fall in 1 ¼ to 1 ½. You must pay attention on these details since it will help your fishing activity much efficient and enjoyable.

Simply put, you need to be sure that the equipments you are using are all in great condition. If you will fail to follow this advice, then success will be elusive for you in your fishing endeavors.

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fishing accesories

Fishing Accesories Tips

Fishing is one of the past time activities that some people have. However, for others this activity is a serious type of sport. While there are varied takes in the fishing activity, one thing that you must be aware of is the accessories you can use here. This post will provide you some essential information you must know about this subject.

You need to find the perfect spot where you can go fishing, such as ponds, lake, river, or stream. Transportation is another thing you need to consider. One of these is using the oldest means– the canoes. This is the transportation that is used by the American Indian, but it does not necessarily mean that this is the best choice you have out there. One reason is that canoes have the tendency to be tippy and they are difficult to handle with the presence of a strong wind, which makes it hard for you to arrive at the fishing spot undetected by fishes.

Another means of transportation you can use is the small rowboat without the motor driving it. Some people prefer to use the rowboat as compared to the canoe, since rowboats can take them to distant places. When it comes to picking the best boat, it will be wise to choose the one that has high sides, in order to counter the towering waves of water and strong wind.

Picking the suitable and quality footwear is another thing you need to consider. You should not forget this one especially if you have plans to go fishing at the lake side. One excellent choice is the hip boots since this can be rolled down at times you are not doing any wading activity. This footwear can also be used in other purposes, which makes it one of the most preferred of fishers. When it comes to choosing the best footwear, you must go for the lose type. Waders that are too tight will cause some restrictions in the movements of your legs and stress that could affect your fishing experience.

The jacket you will wear also plays a hugely significant role. You have two options in choosing the jacket that will suit you: the short and the long type. You must pick the long jacket if you will be wading in the shallow part of the water. In case you have plans to go chest waders, then you need to wear short jacket since this will prevent you from being dragged down in the water. You must also pick the jacket that has multiple pockets, so you will have compartment for the different accessories. Picking a jacket that comes with a hat or hood is also a smart pick since this will somehow protect your head against the rain and other materials.

You must also look for the avid angler which has 3 lure stashes and the tackle-box type of container. On the first stash, you will see the home stockpile, the second is for the boat you use, and the third one is intended for the car. This will help you and cover you from any mishap that could happen while you are fishing. Keep in mind that you must pay attention to your safety especially when the weather is not friendly.

With the presence of the different accessories, these your fishing activity will be fun and a more memorable one. Just make sure that everything is all set before you go fishing. Always keep in mind that one key for an enjoyable fishing activity is to prepare everything the night before. Have fun!

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